FAQs " Services"

All you need to know about the process

Can I make my own collection with you?

Absolutely that is the core of our mission to give designers, shop owners and creative people the possibility to create their own collection. 

If I want to create my own line with you what’s the process?

An email would be great a first step or simply fill in the contact form on the website where you can also upload sketches of the products or inspiration photos or the final product you want to make and we will contact you in the next few hours. 

I’m not a designer but I’d like to have my own collection and I need Help. Is that possible?

YES, we welcome everyone in our space and we have expertise in artisanal creations adding it to some years of experience we can provide you with the help you need to get up to speed. 

How much time does it take to create a new collection?

It really depends on what you want and how complex it is. We communicate with you throughout the process and give you all the details including the timing.

How do we communicate during the process ?

We give you all the details through emails, WhatsApp whatever we agreed on and we send you details of the production and details.

How can I access the shop ?

The shop is available for our partners and potential clients, please fill in the contact form so we can provide you with a login.

I don’t want to create anything, I just need new items for my shop. Is that possible?

Absolutely yes, please send us an email we can share with you the products we already designed ourselves or sourced from Morocco.

Can you source any kind of products for us from Morocco even if you don’t have it ?

Yes, please fill in the form you also can upload images and inspirations so it’s easier to  visualise.

What’s your philosophy ?

First and foremost fair-trade
0 KM: 

Locally sourced
Locally produced 

Handcrafted and handmade 

From Makers directly to Creators

If the design is mine and the artisan is the maker, why should I go through you ?

You don’t have to, we encourage you to give it a try.

The main reason we started this business is based on the struggles we encounter as creators first hand. We spent enormous time to find the best makers and worked on their processes to make them meet the quality our clients expected.

Long story short we provide a guarantee for timing, quality control and everything that goes with it.

We shrink the trial that would consume a lot of time and energy and we connect you with the best artisan who’d fit your enquiries.

We break down the language barrier you would have during the production process. 

Last but not least we take care of the production and logistic line until you receive your products. 

What’s your rates and where can I see your prices?

Please send us an email or fill in the form so we can give you a quote.

Do you provide shipping? If yes how much is it ?

Yes, shipping is always included in the final price we communicate to our clients living in Europe, for other regions a separate quote is needed.

We ship by camion or van depending on the quantities and availability of transporters throughout Europe.

For express shipping we can offer other alternatives like DHL or Fedex.

Can you make quality control and shipping even if I don’t produce with you ?

Absolutely, we can provide this service for clients not producing with us, which means we’ll take care of the quality control process package and ship the merchandise for you.

Please send us an email so we can get in touch and explain more.