Raffia - Lamp - Diamond - Small


House and Hand made Raffia Lampes are crafted by a women’s cooperative located in a small village outside the city of Marrakech. Although the techniques are ancestral and similar, we can see differences in the style as every woman has her own touch and magic which will be later seen in the final product. 

Creating and Producing our Raffia and Straw products in the village help increase women’s quality of life and independence. Working directly with those amazing and strong women has been a growing and grounding experience for us and makes us proud to contribute to their empowerment through a fair trade, respectful and uplifting  process. 

Please note that each product is handcrafted by artisans, therefore can vary slightly in the size.

Material: Raffia palm
Color: Nature 
Size: 21 x 14 x 28cm
Care: Dust Off
Special: Comes without light bulb or cable

The minimum order quantity is 3 pieces.

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